Swim on! Keep going! How did the idea come about for me to swim the various channels of the world?
Just like lots of kids, I was looking for a sport that was fun. And from ballet to athletics, I tried out my fair share of sports.
At the age of 5, I went to my first swimming lessons and knew straight away that that was the sport for me!
I trained every day, competing at the weekends and finally ending up at the German Championships.
At each training session and in every competition, I took myself to my limits – and that was a great feeling.
When, aged 18, I came across a book that had left an impression on me as a child, it became clear that this was exactly what I wanted to do. The book was about an impressive female open water swimmer, who had swum the English Channel as well as lots of other channels around the world. I decided to go after exactly this goal and started training for it straight away.
Soon after adapting my training to my new goals, I wanted to make my first open-water swimming attempt, so I signed up for the Lake Constance crossing.
I swam at a pace that I could keep up for the distance of around 12 km – and it worked! After 2.5 hours, I arrived at the opposite shore of the lake, heralding the first milestone in my new career as an open water swimmer. And there are still many more crossings that await me, around the world.



Red Sea SwimCup in Israel

The Gulf of Eilat, on the northern tip of the Red Sea, is world famous as the premier open-water sea swimming venue on the planet. Nathalie Pohl starts successful for the open water swimming season with an outstanding time of 1 hour and 46 minutes.


Open Water Champion Nathalie Pohl joins RESTUBE

With a high growth invest Restube brings Nathalie Pohl, daughter of DVAG-CEO Andreas Pohl, as strategic partner with strong connection to water on board. RESTUBE will make millions of people have a better time around water and save thousands of lives.

Press release Karlsruhe, September 2018



Phenomenal success in the Big Apple

Extreme swimmer Nathalie Pohl triumphs in the legendary „20 Bridges Swim“ in Manhattan as fastest of all swimmer.

Pressemitteilung Marburg, 03 of July 2018


Nathalie Pohl