New record for crossing Lake Constance


Nathalie Pohl from Marburg an der Lahn has broken the record for crossing Lake Constance, taking just 2 hours, 50 minutes and 24 seconds to complete the course of around 12 kilometres.

Greased with a thick layer of Vaseline and armed with only her swimsuit, the 19-year-old set out on the challenge to cross Lake Constance at a cool 20 °C. Refreshments came every 30 minutes. Consisting almost exclusively of high-carb drinks, these refreshments had to be taken while swimming because touching the boat in any way constitutes a reason for disqualification. In addition to her trainer, her support boat also carried two observers from the Lake Constance crossing organisation to monitor proper adherence to the rules of the swim.

After reaching the shores of Romanshorn in record time, the sound of applause and celebrations travelled across the water from her support boats. After a few minutes on land, she re-entered the water for a “cool-down” swim of a few kilometres to get her muscles and circulation back to normal. “No doubt Nathalie could easily have swum all the way back again but the waves were too high and the risk too great. That’s why, after lengthy considerations, we decided to err on the side of caution,” Oliver Halder, event manager of the Lake Constance crossing, said.

“As efficient as clockwork and with just brief interruptions every half-hour for refreshments, the 19-year-old approached the finish line with the support boat that was at her side the whole way,” said the event organisers. Pohl’s trainer is Joshua Neuloh, who also coaches the DVAG junior team.

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