International Hesse Open Water Championships


Nathalie Pohl shines as vice champion

The International Hesse Open Water Championships mark the end of the season and the last official championships before the summer break. Nathalie Pohl (TV Dillenburg) was crowned vice champion in the 2,500 m swim in Großkrotzenburg.
The competition took place at Freigerichter See Lake near Großkrotzenburg, which is not far from Frankfurt. 53 clubs with 275 active members took part in glorious summer weather with a water temperature of 25 °C.
In the age category event, the swimmers made two laps (2,500 metres) and in the open class, four laps (5,000 metres), with the swimmers setting out after a mass start.

At that time, Nathalie was preparing intensively for her crossing of the English Channel, so the competition in Hesse was a good test. In 37 minutes, 20.65 seconds, Nathalie was crowned vice-champion for the 2,500 metres in the 20s age group, swimming for TV Dillenburg. Prior to that, the 20-year-old had beaten her personal best for the 5,000 metres by 2.5 minutes, bringing it to 1 hour, 11 minutes, 19.21 seconds.