Swim & Run Cologne


Nathalie Pohl wins the open-water swimming event at the Swim & Run in Cologne

Nathalie wins the “Cologne 12” marathon swimming event at the “Swim & Run Cologne”. The course was the 1998 World Championship regatta course in the Fühlinger See Lake. “I’m delighted with my victory. I’d never taken part before and the atmosphere was amazing,” Nathalie says. The “Swim & Run” took place in Cologne this weekend for the eighth time. The multi-sport event, which sees professional and amateur athletes run and swim different distances, topped its highest number of participants with over 700 competitors.

Nathalie Pohl won the race in the Fühlinger See Lake with a time of 3 hours, 10 minutes and 51 seconds in the longest race, the “Cologne 12”. This comprised a total of six laps of the World Championship regatta course. The 20-year-old was therefore once again able to show that she is really in her element in the water – no matter whether it’s over short or long distances. It was only in April that Pohl won the 50-metre butterfly at the DVAG cup with a time of 31.30 seconds. “However, her greatest passion is long-distance swimming,” her trainer, Joshua Neuloh, says. The Cologne race was great preparation for her biggest goal, crossing the English Channel, which is due to take place on 23 August.